Lords Mobile: The Way to Get the IGG Birthday Box!

IGG was founded on June 6, 2006, it has been a great journey and it could not have been done without you in these 12 years. And to celebrate IGG's 12th anniversary, we have seen a lot of great event in the IGG's game. Today, we are talking about IGG Birthday Box.


Event Time: 6/5 13:00 ~ 6/8 12:59

During the event, Guild leaders can send all guildmates one [IGG Birthday Box] per day.

The way to get the IGG birthday box:

  1. Tap the 'Guild' icon at the bottom of the screen to enter the guild section.


  2. And then you will find a 'Blue Box' icon at the top left corner of the screen.


  3. Click it and tap the 'Open' button to get your exclusive gift.



  1. During the event, guild leader can give a new one at 13:00 everyday.

  2. Guild members will have 24 hours to open the box

  3. This special box features a randomized assortment of 12 prizes, including the grand prize of 120K Gems!

Good Luck!

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