Guildfest : Not Rocket Science Guide

you're either done or still doing your quests. That's if your R4 hasn't promised you different ways they're going to murder you or remove your limbs piece by piece.(rage/)(rage/)Why do people never seem to get on with gf, or do their quests so badly or make the guys who do theirs want to strangle them???

My darlings, worry not I got your backs,

Admin and Guild Quests

If you want an easy way to get points save all your admin and guild scrolls for GF. Keep them, count how many you need before starting your quest. Et voila 5 minutes Boom! you are done. Yes, please and thank you.

Open Mystery Boxes

As far as I'm concerned these are misery boxes, (sweat/) they're so time consuming ,but they give great points, I personally like them as either a first or last quest.

3. Cargo Ship Trade
Cargo Ship is one of the best and easier quests, and the points it brings is so worth it. Gather and use the ship to exchange, the best thing about this is your resources are saved right into your bag. Combine this with your gathering quests and all you do is WIN! WIN! no matter what .

4. Gathering Quests
Here gathering gear and boost are bae. You can't go wrong with these quests. Not only do get resources if you combine this quest with cargo ship, guess who will be Lord ???

Spend Guild Coins

Money!! Money….. Mooooooney!!!!! Save up those guild coins for guildfest , don't use them until then, and all it takes is a minute and BOOM!!!CMM

Supply Quests

Look for a friend or if you have a bank in your guild even better, remember you'll lose taxes along the way . Leave the food quests well alone if you have many troops and you've been keeping them hungry, otherwise nom nom along the way(giggle/)(giggle/)

Send Help to Guildmates

The trick here is to get your guildmate to build and cancel a low level building possibly a level 7 (consumes less resources)…… and you got your points on.

(@!!@)8. Purchase Special Bundles(@!!@)You know you want to purchase bundles, that hero you need to upgrade, those gems etc etc if you can purchase them during GF, guess what you'll have killed all birds with one stones.
(@!!@)(@!!@)I know they're other quests but we need to keep this short , sweet and easy……… It is after all not Rocket Science.

(@!!@)Till next time my warriors , say bye to a miserable gf(@!!@)Cheers(@!!@)Lady P

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