How to deal with (big) researches! (Newbie guide + pro tips)

Hello everyone! It's your boy Lee Sin with more informative content on how to affectively do (bit) research(es). Have fun reading^^

1) Put your research gear on!

Each golden lunar flute gives you an additional 26% research cooldown reduction!(@!!@)(@!!@)(@!!@)

2) Finish previous research with a good Hell event (and 24 hour challenge if it's a big research)

A good example of a great hell event!

A good example of another great hell event

One of the best examples for a great 24H challenge

3) Pop research speed boost!

I’ve only got the 10% ones. you’ve got 20% of these too.

4) If you or your allies have the BASE conquered, ask kindly for the "SCHOLAR" title! This title gives you a 10% additional research cooldown reduction!

Such a beautiful title!

5) Recheck step 1,2,3 and 4 and make sure you didn't miss any gear, hell event/24 hour challenge, reseaech speed up boost!

6) Start your (big) research!

That’s a heck of a big research right there!

I hope it will help you out my friends,

best wishes,

your friend Lee Sin!
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