1 Billion might account zeroed in 20 minutes!!

Reason of getting zeroed:
Forgot his gear on monster hunting gear + no shield.

Enjoy the screenshots! (@!!@)

More than 10 million T4. 42 million troops in total

that’s around 800 million might in troops for you

The victim had no anti-scout, no shield and no war gear. This situation draws the attention of killers. JF Cooper got rallied by 4 guilds simultaneously and got zeroed within 20 minutes!(@!!@)(@!!@)See the screenshots of the attack reports:(@!!@)(@!!@)

120 mill drop from 1 rally! bear 9 million troops kills!!

another rally that dropped 1.3 million soldiers

-3 million soldiers

– 5.5 million troops

now that’s what you call a big hit!. 5 mill down!

best result between all of the rally reports! 167Million might drop!!

the last rally that decided the final blow! officially zeroed!(@!!@)

Gettting strong is hard. Getting zeroed is easy. (@!!@)make sure to keep your stuff protected whenever you go offline. Don't be greedy and think nobody can zero you even though you have a billion might account. You can see from the reports that all of this happened within 20 minutes only. (@!!@)(@!!@)Below you can find the "before and after" pictures of JF Cooper's might and kills.(@!!@)(@!!@)BEFORE


It hurts to send this "after" picture, but for the ones who are really curious, here it is….(@!!@)(@!!@)(@!!@)AFTER


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