Guild Showdown ~ Tips & Tricks

Hey, there! I am coming with a new article as the guild showdown event registration started.

(@!!@)I believe most of you are aware of this things but I always find people that don't know how to register, what and who to send in order to have the best results.

There are many ways to register, depending on how the big your guild is. In my opinion there are two big categories:
sending one troop type or sending two/three troop types

What bigger guilds love to do is to alternate one troop type armies, like X player send
, Y player send
, Z player send
and so on. The good thing about this is that you can put everything (
talents, gear
) in that one troop type and make it stronger. If your guild doesn't have the means to have everybody send a specific one troop march and that troop type be halfway decent, then I advice you to send what fits you better.

And there we come with 2/3 types troops line-ups.

Tips and Tricks(@!!@)

1. Sending the right amount of troops(@!!@)

There is no such thing like "
best troop
" to send as everyone of them it is countered by another one. Your troops must be based on the heroes you send. As everyone knows, there are
5 heroes
that can be sent to battle and every one of them controls
of your army.

For example, if you are sending 375.000 troops you have to divide that number to 5. You will get 75.000 for each hero (20% of your army). If you want to send 40% infantry, 40% calvary and 20% range, then you will have 150.000 infantry, 150.000 calvary and 75.000 range, same goes for any other formation, 40% infantry, 40% range, 20% calvary and so on. Keep in mind you will have to send a hero to match every 20% of your troops.

2. Choose an army formation that favors your troop line-up(@!!@) (@!!@)
• If you are using
Infantry Phalanx
send more

• If you are using
Cavalry Phalanx
send more

Range Phalanx
if you are in
1st, 2nd and 3rd Divisions,
use it if you are in the
4th, 5th, 6th and higher Divisions
• If you use
Range Wedge
20% Infantry, 30% Cavalry and 50% Range.

(@!!@)3. Picking the right heroes is crucial(@!!@)(@!!@)
You want to send your best heroes to fight. That means no Trickster, no Sage of Storms, no Scarlet Bolt and
NO siege heroes
! You simply have to send heroes that match your army setup and heroes that gives army or troops types attacking boost.
Use Rose Knight, Demon Slayer, Tracker, Snow Queen, Oath Keeper, Bombin Goblin and Shade
only if this 2 are at least r7 and blue or higher

. Gear and talents(@!!@)(@!!@)
You shouldn't register with any
research/construction/gathering/monster hunting gear
! You have to pick your best gear that match your troops setup and heroes.

Talents must be reseted according to the gear, heroes and troops sent to battle.

. Army boosts(@!!@)(@!!@)
One of the most helpful things is increasing your
army ATK
. One way to do this is through research. Another one is using the boosts your prison and altar gives. There is a
30% army ATK boost
that prison gives, when upgraded at level 25, for every level 60 prisoner and a different percentage of
army ATK, defense and HP boosts
provided by altar.

There is also a
20% army ATK boost
that can be bought with guild coins or a
one that can be earned from different events.

Don't forget that getting fury gives another 5% army ATK boost!

All this boosts must be activated when registering for the first time!

Those being said, thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful! For any questions you may have, feel free to ask down below!

Stay safe & don't burn!(@!!@)(@!!@)(@!!@)©Laura


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