Lords Mobile: Guild Bash Help


hey all, Sass here!

There are different
ways you can earn points and they all involve working together as a team.

1. Monster hunting:

hunting those monsters. Work with each other on level 2's and 3's (or if you can kill higher then go for it). The more you kill,
the more the points go up! The higher level the monster, the more points the
guild will get.


2. Rallies:

a look at what rallies you can do. If you cick on the event it will tell you how many of each nest you
will have to do. If there is a lot of you online then do the higher level
nests. Save the smaller ones for when there isn't a lot of people available.


3. Donation box:

a look at the donation box. If you have got a good load of items that you know
that you wont use for gear, then donate them. YOU DONT HAVE TO. Only donate if
you would like to. It does refresh to different items after so many hours.


4. Hell events:

you have the speedups available, then attempt them. Keep an eye of the types of
hell events available. If you are trying to get your Watcher medals up, then try and wait till you see a hell event with watcher in, that way you can kill two birds with one stone.


You should try and
summon the monster when most people are online. I know with the time zones it
is hard, bu try your best.

Everyone will
receive a summoning bonus when the monster is summoned. Once the monster has
been summoned you need to kill it as a team. Don't post cords of it anywhere because if another
guild kills it, then bye bye loot bonus.

The guild (hopefully you)that kills the monster, will get loot from it, but only when it is killed.


Only r4s or r5 can
summon the monster. The monster will appear next to the castle of who ever
summoned it. Try and have a gap in the center of your hive so you can protect it. Make sure to put camps out around the hive and monster, to force
any naughty people who want to try and steal it the furthest away possible.


Tier 1 = 1 monster

Tier 2 = 2 monster

Tier 3 = 3 monster


you can summon a maximum of 6 monsters in total.

Good luck everyone
and remember, every point helps!

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