Purple Rain: Let the gems flow

It's raining men…. oops gems…. I meant gems (silly/)(silly/)(silly/)(silly/).Many things have been said on how and where to get gems but let's recap and a have a go…

Let's Go

News Updates and Facebook

Anytime IGG announces a giveaway, there's usually gems to be rewards, check out on their Facebook and news section


Found in pact 3, once you unlock him, try and take him to elder, I know it's expensive in RSS and takes a long time, but it's worth it, 200 -400 every days isn't bad, I'll take it yes sirree!! but at maximum you'll be getting 1,000 -2,000 gems(wow/)(wow/)(wow/)……Whose the ? ? now….. whoop! whoop!

VIP Chests

Sometimes VIP chests will play Santa and Ho! Ho! Ho!

Monster Hunting

Monster lvl 2 upwards will give you better drops than lvl 1, certainly you won't always get gems but you'll possibly get speedups… hurray and guess where you can use them to get gems….. Hell Events. Talk about killing the proverbial bird with one stone ???????? are you getting stoked yet?

Guild Gifts

A good guild is a requisite requirement if you want to grow in this game, good banter in the chat, get hunting companions and of course they need to be hunting those monsters. Drop those gems like its hooooot…..

Mystery Box

This is forever bae, I mean always giving goodies and gems are not an exception. Marry me already, I'm ready to be Mrs Box

Hero Stages Challenge

I'm not going to lie, this is one tough baby but the rewards are worth it, and you don't need braveheart either, just determination and sheer stubbornness .


Whether you're F2P or P2P , one of the best investment you can make in Lords Mobile is in treasure trove. Needless to say this should be the first hemmed up building you need to max to level 9, Honey buy those crystal pickaxes this is a worthy investment.

Secondly you need to max out the research for treasure trove : Max deposit in Army Leadership as well Max deposit II in Military Command . Once done you can deposit that extra 15k gems

Max Deposit = 35,000 Gems (20,000 + 10,000 + 5,000)

The Max Percentage Bonus = 105% (85% + 20%)
Max Return on Max Deposit = 36,750 Gems (35,00*1.05)
The Max Percentage Bonus = 105% (85% + 20%)

Max Return per Day = 1,225 gems (36750/30)

Thank you Mathematics this simply means you get 1,225 gems per day(wow/)(wow/)(wow/)(wow/)(wow/)(wow/)

Whoop! Whoop! Maths is Sexy (grin/)(grin/)(grin/)


Lab is not a sure bet that you'll win gems blah blah fishcake….. Hold up. First of all save up those holy stars and go ham. I love Trickstar the familiar max this dude too, and you'll be getting holy stars like a boss, save them all…… with a minimum of 100k Holy Stars…….. whooosah…… Thank me later

Gem Packs

Need I say more, ka-ching!!!!

Special Events

Guild bash, guild fest, Lord cup all these events are a sure fire way to win gems, why are you not participating? For real though, we ignore so many of these events pffft. Ignore at your detriment ….As for me and my castle……. we are outchea chasing that ball like our life depends on it.

Hell Events

Remember those speed ups we got from the monsters, save them, use them here and Wham!!!


if your kingdom is not protected then you know after KvK, we get gems lodes…….They spawn immediately after points are counted and recur every six hours thereafter, Win or Lose you know gems will come your way, gather them

Finish Solo War 3 in KvK and the rewards are….. you said it


Yeah, The Romans fought lions and gladiators. so get into the arena and fight and win gems, the higher you go the better you score

With this guide, you should be singing… I got gems, I got gems, in different area codes

Get GEMMING my Warriors

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