Trap Accounts

Trap Accounts – Buildings

In Lords Mobile a trap account is play style which aims to lure high level players into attacking your turf. It works by making yourself look weaker than you actually are. This is a great strategy to win kingdom battles and gain a large number of kills.

This series of guides is aimed at building a new trap account from scratch. Part 1 covers the buildings layout, leader skills and equipment for a solid trap account.

Trap Account Basics

Before we jump right into the buildings, we first need to look at the goal of a Lords Mobile trap account. There are three main principals behind building a great trap account:-

Look weak by keeping your might as low as possible.Maximise your troop health and defense stats.Increase your Infirmary capacity.

It sounds simple in principal, but building a trap account does take a fair amount of planning. This is especially true regarding your might, as it is possible to completely screw your account up if you gain too much in the wrong places.

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