Fight for Your Guild, Kingdom and GLORY! – Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars

Start of the Event 1. There will be a special News icon during Kingdom Wars.2. There will be three events: Kingdom Wars, Guild War, and Solo War.3. The victors of Kingdom Wars will be determined […]

Lords Mobile – Guide to Killing Darknests

This guide will provide lots of knowledge about darknests for you,and it's targeted for all those newbies who don't understand how to kill darknests. What are darknests? Darknests are monsters you can find all over […]

Lords Mobile: Help You Understand the Solo Event and Hell Event

Do you receive a message via in-game mailbox like this? What is it? Now, this guide(written by AlmightySor)will help you understand the Solo event and Hell event, and it's targeted for all those newbies who […]

Lords Mobile: Good Ways to Manage a Guild

Guild is a group of players united that can help each other, joining a guild increases your progress because you can get help from your guild mates even with constructions, resources or with researches.If you […]

Lords Mobile: Everything You Need to Know about Hero Battle Skills

All heroes have both active and passive abilities, namely "Hero Skills" and "Battle Skills". Battle Skills are, as seen in the image below, passive abilities that grant various types of boosts. The Battle Skills are […]

Lords Mobile: How to Build a Trap Account

In Lords Mobile a trap account is play style which aims to lure high-level players into attacking your turf. It works by making yourself look weaker than you actually are. This is a great strategy to win […]