Limited Challenge – Steambot

Long ago, an evil warlock kidnapped a Dwarven smith and forced him to craft a robot soldier. Yielding to the torture, the smith created Steam Activated Mechanoid, or S.A.M. for short.

One day after a rather brutal streak of destruction, S.A.M. was refueled with some contaminated water. Instead of breaking down, the water miraculously caused the automaton to become self-aware.

Immediately developing a conscious, S.A.M. turned on the warlock and rescued the Dwarven smith. The Dwarf brought it back to him home under the mountains, where S.A.M. replenishes itself with only the purest spring water.

Stage 1: Trouble’s Brewing

Stage 2: Perils of Fame

Stage 3: In Hot Water

Stage 4: Great Escape

Stage 5: Becoming Human

Stage 6: Learning to Love

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