Knowledge is Power – Leader Modes

Leader modes are probably one of the most important parts of effective growth and combat – doing them correctly can double, triple, or even quadruple your rate of growth or your combat ability when properly […]

Construction & Research – Research Gear and Research Boost

Research is key to gaining strength and might in Lords Mobile. This guide(written by ) focuses on the questions YOU need to answer to yourself to pick the best gear that fits YOUR needs. Although if […]

Knowledge is Power – Talent Tree for Winner

Is there anyone who didn't know how to add points on the Talent Tree? For building? For researching? For hunt? If you answer is "yes", this guide(written by ) is very useful for you. Talent points are […]

Advanced Troop Strategy Guide for Lords Mobile

This guide(written by ) is for advanced players and for players who are ready to take the troops size to another level. How about hiding troops up to 2.6 mil in a matter of seconds? In […]

[Guide] How to Maximise Troop Boosts

This is a guide(written by that includes building and how to find the materials for equipment,gems and hero's. Equipment: 1st off a little trick to finding what you want, what you need to do is […]

The Way to Protect Your Leader and Troops

Did your leader always capture by other players? Do you always feel angry about losing the big amount of troops? Now,  here is a guide(written by Snow Queen) about how to protect your leader and […]