How to get MORE Gems as F2P


We all love it and we all want it !


I, personally, if gems were one of the resources you take when you attack a castle, I’d be attacking day and night lol because as much as I love gems, they are hard to get!

As a F2P and P2P, I’d say it gets way harder when you’re F2P to get gems. So here are some tips I use when I want to collect gems.

I’ll start with maybe an uncommon tip specially for newbies;

1- Monster Hunt ; Most players ignore it but hunting monsters give you gems, upgrading your monster hunting research is really important, not only it helps growing your core might faster but also help killing more monsters. As well as upgrading your heroes and having the right team for each monster.

2- High Level Guild ; Joining a high gift level guild give more chances in getting gems gifts.

3- Colosseum ;  It’s very obvious lol but what I do is I move to a newer kingdom, that way I get higher ranks and more gems, stacking migration scrolls is very important.

4- Treasure Trove ;  My favorite building ever! You unlock it at castle 17 after skirmish 8. Upgrading is a must, and research Max Deposit can add up to 10k  in your Interest Rate and of course, using the 30 days option is the best.

Those are my tips, hope it helped you and if you have any other F2P tips; comment it below!


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