Lords Mobile: Advanced Colosseum Tips and Tricks

Advanced Colosseum Tips and Tricks.

Once you`ve advanced far enough, you`ll learn the different factors come into play.

There are two major variables:


– your attack just misses and you do no damage.


    – your attack does massively more damage.

So even running the same lineup out, you might win 5-0, then the next time lose.

There are a few types of hero types to consider and then it gets really complex to figure out matchups.

I`ll do my best to explain this.(heroes fitting in to each will be forthcoming).

  • Tanks – players who depend on physical damage from up close and typically have above averange hit points.

  • Archers – Those with bows.

  • Ninjas – My term for them, they typically are fighting "back row" fighters.

  • Magic – Their attacks are magic based so MATK  matters for them.

  • Healers – This correlates some with Magic, but i created a special section for them because you need to count them when lookin at your opponent.

1Tank – This is typically Rose only. It can be countered with a 3 Tank lineup some times, othe times, 3 ninjas +rose can wreck their back row.

2Tank – Rose plus one of: Bunny, Centaur, Big Guy. Oath Keeper. Beyond that, you`ll typically see an archer, ninja, and healer.

3Tank – Rose plus 2 of the above list . Typically it`s a healer and archer with them.

Things get complex after that. It becomes learning matchups. If you have Prince, he`s good counter for vs 2 or 3 tank lineups. Against a healer,  Demon SLayer is also a big part of preventing them from healing more that once. Rose and Demon Slayer are featured in most lineups, so you should always plan against them.

Try to watch your battles. You`ll see wich heros die first, where they typically go against set lineups, who stays alive the longest, etc.

A typical battle :

Prince, Rose, Centaur, Demon Slayer , Traker Vs Fairy, Demon Slayer, Rose . Big Guy, Tracker.

Centaur gets an immediate stun.

Trackers stun each other.

Demon Slayer goes immediatly after fairy.

Rose backtracks to assist fairy

Fairy Heals Once 

 If Demon Slayer Gets a critical hit, Fairy dies.

Everything consolidates to the middle except the trackers.

Big guy, Centaur, opponent Rose all die.

Prince Team now finishes Demon Slayers, and 3-4 heroes are left to finish off Tracker.

If you watch enough, you`ll start seeing some of these patterns. For example, many use Trickster with Fairy. Why? because if Demon Slayer doesen`t hit a critical, he dies when Trickster fires his special. Then you will have Fairy able to get 3-4 heals giving an advantage.

Watching the videos and tacking the heros might be boring to some, but if you want to get into the top 100, you need to learn the patterns to know who kills who fastest.

It`s too difficult to list every "lineup of the week" due to constellations. A high end lineup typically is curently Lore Weaver, Demon Slayer, Rose, Doll, and Tracker/Crow. This will get you verry far, but once you start climbing the leadder even higher, you need to be flexible. With each week, you`ll see crazy lineups like Lore Shade, Rose, Berseker, and Doll. It might dominate one week, but be weak the following week. If you want to maximize your gems, you`ll need to pay atention to the different buffs and learn what attack typs every herp has(information forthcoming).

Writed By Blue Eyes

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