Lords Mobile: Equipment Sets & Guild Hives


Equipment Sets

What equipment set should you use? Well, it depends on what you choose to focus on. Different sets give different boosts and you can mix and match equipment from different sets to suit your needs. We recommend that new players focus on equipment that grant Resource Boosts to develop their turf before moving on to equipment with Army and Troop Boosts. It's also helpful to have different sets saved for different situations. To do this, research Quick Swap in the Academy to unlock Equipment Sets. You can save Equipment Sets by using Equipment Quills, which can be bought in the Guild Shop.

Recommended Equipment Boosts: 

A) Research Speed

B) Construction Speed

C) Army Capacity

D) Troop attributes (Focus on boosting 1 troop type!)

Guild Hives

What is a Guild Hive?

A Guild Hive is an area where all guild members gather their turfs.

Benefits of a Guild Hive:

1) Work with your guild members to kill monsters! Monster hunting is a team effort. Together, you can kill monsters easily and earn loot boxes for your guild.

2) Safety in numbers! Being near your guild members mean that you can look out for each other and swiftly send reinforcements to guard against any incoming attacks.

3) Supply troops from your guild members will reach your turf in a flash.

How do I relocate to my Guild Hive?

A) Tap on an empty tile (ask your guild members for the coordinates!)

B) Tap the Relocate button (make sure that all your Troops are in your Turf) 

C) You're there! Welcome to the Guild Hive!


– If you are in a different Kingdom, Migration Scrolls are required.

– You can use a Novice Relocator to migrate to another kingdom if your account is less than eight days old & your Castle is below Lv 6.

Where can I get Relocators and Migration Scrolls?

You can get these items from the Guild Shop. Get Guild Coins by helping your Guildmates!

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