Lords Mobile Festival of Love Event Preview: Feel the Love! Sweet Heart!


It's the sweetest time of the year! Love is in the air during this 5 day bonanza, so let's share the love with everyone!

Event Duration: 02/10/18 13:00 ~ 02/15/18 12:59

*During the event, log in every day to get a Sweet Delight (limited to one per day)! To celebrate this occasion, hearts will be raining all over the Kingdoms; even your Shieldswill take on a pinkish hue!

*From 2/13 13:00~2/15 12:59

The mischevousTrickstarreturns to the lands, to bring couples together with its arrows of passion! Shoot it down to get its bag of Holy Stars! ( Trickstars will appear every 3 hours.)

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