Lords Mobile Guide: How Construction Speed Work

Building or upgrading your constructions is quite time-consuming in Lords Mobile, especially in the late game, however there are still various ways to reduce construction speed in the game, such as hero’s skills, talent, equipment and Research. In this article, we will show you how building speed work. The article was originally posted on Lords Mobile official forum by . Thanks!

Construction Speed is a "passive skill" for hero, it will be same even if u don't put it as main hero/garrison or u never use it.


I will teach how Does this Build speed come from. Look at below. This is my build speed example.

So Basically I have 210.95% of speed building
Where does it come from?






So I have
Big Guy – 6% (The only one I use) + with 4 other hero
Scarlet Bolt – 1% (Never use)
Sage of Storm – 1% (Never use)

So I get 8% from Hero.

Remember: even though you are not using that hero, the building speed from hero will not change.


Construction Speed 1 = 40%
Construction Speed 2 = 65%
Total = 105%

Note: This is the MOST IMPORTANT speed up that every player needs to have. as it very easy to complete.


Main Hand = 10%
Off Hand = 11%
Armor = 2.6%
Legs = 10.85%
Accesory 1 = 17.5%
Accesory 2 = 9%
Total = 60.95%

Note : Unlike Hero Equipment needed to be wear in order to get its effect. So please wear appropriate gear if you want to build a build that takes a long time.

You will notice you time building will be change if you're not using correct gear. 🙂



My research = 37%

So my Total Speed =
Research (37%) + Hero (8%) + Equipment (60.95%) + Talent (105%) = 210.95%

Personal advice: Keep change your equipment if u wanna Build/Research/attack as it give much different like more than 50%

Really Hope This Post can help a lot of You to more understand 🙂

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