Lords Mobile: Guild Fest Tips


Hey Guys! Sass here again.


We are going to talk about guild fest time. As you know, you will
want to try your absolute hardest and get your name at the top of the board.


When the quests come up on the board, you will want to be taking
the 100 points or higher ones (for the beginner and intermediate) for the
expert gauntlet you will be waiting to take ones close to 200 points. There is
no point going for the lower ones as it will not help your guild get in the top
of your gauntlet level for your kingdom or to go up a gauntlet level.


Help quests are one of the easiest. your guild will all help you
complete it! Your guild can "spam" helps to you and complete it
within a few mins. To "spam" helps, it is best to have a low level
building that you build, ask for help, and as soon as the person you are
helping has helped you (their name will pop up on your screen) you then cancel
the build. You will get 25% of your resources back and you just keep doing it
till they have done their quest.


Rally quests. There are either get essence or win as rally
captain. Go for level one nests. They are easy and you only need one other
person joining in with you. If you don't need to be the leader then do a rally,
hold back troops and ask others within your guild to run some level ones with
you. All you will have to do is join.


Gathering ones can take a while, so make sure you have got your
talents on gathering and max load, stick your neocros gear on and check your research has been done for gathering as this will help you. Even stick a boost on.
You will either have to go for a specific resource or just to gather x amount
of resources.  Choose the highest tiles you can find. For the gather any
resource ones, go for food tiles. They have the most amount in them!


quests can be done in one hit, for example spending guild coins, spending gems,
opening admin quests or guild quests. Doing resource trades are easy, all you
have to do is to keep sending the desired resource to a guild member for them
to send it back to you (boomerang resources).


can take a few days to complete. Opening mystery boxes, colosseum battles and
cargo trades. The cargo ship refreshes every 6 hours. (remember some familiars
will have abilities that you can use for this)


events….. Be prepared to throw your phone/tablet out the window. You will
need to make sure you have about 4 months of speedups saved up, patience of a
saint and some dam good hell event oh and a lot of alcohol to help your stress.
These are not for the faint hearted people. Pick your events well. Research
gives you the best might as well as monster hunting (save those energy packs
for events like this)


and stay away from the research tech, forge equipment and heal troops, these
are pretty pointless quests. Unless you don't care about your final score or
how well your team does.

 In the expert gauntlet, You get quests that are called mystery quests. These ones will give you high points, but you don't know what your quest will be. Take a mystery quest for 210 points for example, you could get: gather 20mil resources or finish phase 3 hell event 10 times. It's pot luck what you could get. Another quest can be to gather 3 lvl.19 essence, which you need a whole rally of t4 to do. Other quests are execute leaders in a given amount of time. There's some pretty difficult quests that will be on the board but don't worry, working as a team, you will do them.

your guild is your team. Make sure you help people within there, even if it
just finding some resource tiles for them. If you see some people struggling
then please help them. It might be their first time doing guild fest.


If I have missed anything or anything you want to comment about,
then please do!

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