Lords Mobile: Number Of Keys Associated With Guild Gifts


While unlocking guild gifts we get respective number of keys associated with each of them. These keys help a guild to unlock gift boxes and ultimately the gift level jumps up. To be precise there are two types of gifts, one is Loot Gift and the other is Bonus gift. The number of keys associated with each gift are mentioned below:

[Common] Loot = 01 Key

[Uncommon] Loot = 02 Keys

[Rare] Loot = 03 Keys

[Epic] Loot = 05 Keys

White Bonus = 200 Keys

Green Bonus = 500 Keys

[Uncommon] Monster Bonus = 500 Keys

[Uncommon] Hero Giftpack = 500 Keys

Blue Bonus = 2000 Keys

[Rare] Monster Bonus = 2000 Keys

Purple Bonus = 5000 Keys

Gold Bonus = 10000 Keys

[Legendary] Bonus = 10000 Keys

The growth of a guild depends upon the type of gifts they get to unlock everytime with full capacity. ‘With full capacity’ I mean number of members joined in a guild which is limited to 100 only. If all 100 players open a Gold Bonus that means a guild will receive 100,000 Keys.

White Bonus, Green Box, Blue Bonus, Purple Bonus and Gold Bonus are only available if a member in your guild purchase bundles. So, It is good for your growth as well as for your guild to have a large number of P2P players.

Loot Gifts get into the box when you kill monsters in the kingdom. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary gifts depends upon the level of monster that has been killed. A level 1 monster usually gives you a common loot and so on. If you have suitable heroes combination and gears, prefer to go for higher level monsters. It will give you good rewards in terms of both hitting and killing

I hope this information will help you and your guild grow smartly faster.

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