[Discussion] Relationship Behind Big Guilds


The feudal war ended last week and 6 guilds won the baron war. But do you know the relationship behind these guilds? Today, I did some research, listing all the alliance guilds I can find.


[JK5]: [JXI] [JK6] [JK8] [JK9] [SKy] [JWE] 

[LH6]: [LH9][LH7] [Weh]

[D~J]: [SGK] [BRR] [BTA] [AoW] [SGG] [RPR] [SGE] [OP-] [WoG]   

[SGE]: [AoW] [D~J] [BRR] [BTA] [SGK] [GUm] [DNA] [FmD]

[CTK]: [YSC] [OFo] [BBH] [VC1] [VVW] [CS+] [.CK] [LNG] [M$O][LCC]

[BBH]: [CTK]  

Three Big Families:

[SKy] family: [OP_] [ZNP] [BLY] [3&K] [107] [3&O] [B2W] [F_1] [R/G] [S8S] [S9S] [INS] [B=B]

[M44] family: [OAO][CAO] [BFP] [T-F] [P&w] [KDA] [M_E] [MH1] [MH6]

[CTK] family: [YSC] [OFo] [BBH] [VC1] [VVW] [CS+] [.CK] [LNG] [M$O][LCC][-V-] [BoX]

In conclusion: [CTK] family has the strongest alliances, [SKy] has the most English-speaking alliances.

Note: All the data above is according to my observation and it's subject to change. 

Topic today:  What's the importance of having alliances? How does the diplomacy work? Share your opinion with us and I'll pick 20 comments to send 500 points on July 2.

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