How To Prepare For Guild Bash

Guild Bash Basic Facts:

Guild Bash is another regular event in Lord's Mobile that requires team effort. In Guild Bash, there are two main goals:

1. To summon the special monster and get a SUMMON BONUS

2. To kill the special monster to get the SLAYER LOOT

Guild Bash has 3 phases wherein a guild can get the following for each phase completed:

Phase 1 – 1 monster crest

Phase 2 – 2 monster crests

Phase 3 – 3 monster crests

Just like hell event and solo event, certain points are needed to reach before completing one phase. For every monster crest collected, r5 and/or r4s can summon 1 special monster. For every summon, a summon bonus is rewarded to every member of the guild. A slayer loot is rewarded to every member of the guild that lands the killing blow.

How To Earn Points In Guild Bash

  1. Complete hell events (16000 points per completed hell event)

  2. Win darknest rallies (The higher the DN level, the higher the point)

  3. Donation box (A cargo-ship-like trade wherein you need to exchange a certain item you have in the bag for 100points)

  4. Hunt monsters (Just like in hunt monsters hell/solo event, a hit or a kill gives a certain point. Points also depend on what level the monster is.)

How To Prepare

As soon as Guild Bash is announced,

  1. Save up energies for monster hunt

  2. Save up speed ups for hell event

  3. Train highest tiered troops for DN rallies (only if you have few troops)

  4. Get a rally leader who has maxed battle hall, as much as possible, and good research in military

  5. Prepare a long research or building construction for hell event

  6. Form a hive and announce in the guild that everyone must be in the hive for Guild Bash 

Tips in Earning Points

  1. As soon as Guild Bash starts, wait for the right hell event and finish 3 phases. The best hell event to take is HUNT MONSTERS only because it gives double points. Choose hell events that require low points in order to do more hell events using limited speed-ups.

  2. Coordinate your hunts. If many of you are online and you have lots of energies, better to hit the highest level of monster that majority of you can hit. Kill as many high level monsters as possible. Focus on hunting monsters that require physical heroes because they are usually stronger than magical heroes.

  3. Win rallies against darknests. Take down as many darknests as you can.

  4. If donation box requires items that you don't really use, donate them.

How To Prepare for Summoning

Only R4s and R5 can summon special monsters but it is important to prepare for the summoning because anybody in the kingdom can hit your summon and, thus, steal the killing blow. Here's what to do:

  1. Assign someone who is an r4 or r5 to do the summoning.

  2. Once monster crest is collected, do not summon right away. Instead, announce thru guild mail the time of summoning so everyone or majority, at least, will be online for the event.

  3. Every successful summon appears in World Chat. Once summoned, the monster will appear in the middle of the hive of the guild that summoned it. This means everyone in the kingdom who knows where your hive is can teleport in your hive and try to steal your monster. To prepare, just before the summoning, choose a spot in the middle of the hive where you want the monster to appear. Have the spot vacated and camp on it.

  4. Make 3 rows of 1-troop camp around the hive to discourage monster thieved to port in.

  5. When everyone is ready, remove the camp in the middle of the hive and summon right away.

  6. If there are other players porting in to try and steal your monster, ready your shield or be ready to fight.

How To Get Slayer Loot

To make sure your guild gets the SLAYER LOOT, the ones nearest to the monster should wait until it is almost dead and hit it at the same time. Do not worry about energy getting wasted because Guild Bash monsters only require 1 energy.

Okay that's it! I hope you summon all 6 monsters and get all the Slayer Loots! Good luck!

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