Lords Mobile: Preparations for Trap Account


Well I am gonna tell you exactly how to do just that.


  1. Speedups are important to build troops, I suggest you get speedups worth of months to get your desired amount of troops. DO NOT use speedups for healing troops, it is a complete waste because it costs a ton while you can theoretically heal a million t3 troops with only like 20k gems (which you will never need to do anyways) NOTE: Obviously you can use your healing speedups.

  2. As I said gems is a pretty big deal because you need to heal your troops. also if you run out of relocators gems are useful but try to spend as few as possible gems on relocators because they will eat your gems.

  3. Stock up on relocators, you'll need loads! Get only a couple of talent resets because you won't need to change your talents very often. Using gems for relocators is a bad idea and you will need to use as few gems as possible for relocators because you need those for healing (unless you are a t1 trap). If you are a t1 trap you can use all the gems you want for relocators cause you won't need to do much else with them.

  4. Research can be an important factor for winning. If this is your main I suggest you just develop your account as you go but if you made an account just for trapping do not research any monster hunt and as least economy as you can. I suggest you get as much military research until you reach level 9 or t4. Obviously go for upgrade military to get cheap troops and a training bonus and also go for army leadership for some nice buffs. Military command is less recommended because the only good buffs for your army is at the bottom and only works when battle fury is active which you will not prefer to have active unless you are a rally trap.

  5. Gear and Jewels are important. You can get massive army buffs from the combination of good gear and jewels. I won't tell you what gear and jewels to use because there is something that is best for your army. Champion Gear is best of course but not affordable for most players.

  6. Buildings are important. When you are preparing get Manors so you can build troops way faster. When you see the KvK event coming up destroy all your manors except one and replace them with infirmaries. Infirmaries are resource expensive (a lot of wood) So don't build all of them to 24 because that will drain your wood supplies. Remember you will need to demolish them afterwards again if you want more troops. For a t3 trap 400k space in infirmaries is more than enough as most player won't do that much damage to you in one hit. For a t1 trap yeah infirmaries need to be a relatively high level.

  7. Stock up on resources! You will need them for sure. You made a new account and want to trap with it? Sure! Whoops I forgot to stock up on resources and now I can't heal my troops. You can get your main to send a lot of resources to your trap but that is a bit risky because if you get burned the enemy will take a bunch of your resources. So get as much resources as you can from the cargo ship but you can also buy a few packs that contain a bunch of resources like 30 day supply chest, resource ready and a bunch of other packs.

  8. Finally, troops. First you will need to decide wether you want to be a t1, t3 or even a t4 trap. t1 are very cheap and have a low build cost and training and you can also heal them instantly so no gems needed. Unfortunately the bootcamp packs contain a lot of 8 hour and 24 hour speedups and when you have a ton of manors and most of the training researches done it will only take you about 4 hours to train 5000 t1 troops. You can of course decide to replace a few manors for barracks (which will make training time a little bit more) so t1 is not a bad option at all. With t1 you need to build as many as you can (over 5 million). t3 well what can I say. It is costly and has a relatively long training time in comparison with t1 but they are also significantly stronger. You will need only 1.2 million t3 to be able to trap most players but this won't eat whole marches of course. For entire marches you should get around 1.5-2 million. And finally t4. t4 troops are very costly and have a very high training time. But believe it or not you will only need 500k-800k t4 troops to eat a 250k march.

    Thank you for reading my guide! I hope you learned something

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