Lords Mobile: Everything You Need to Know About the Hero Stage

Lords Mobile combines castle building, strategy gameplay, multiplayer online battle and heroes dungeon element, to offer a unique experience of the game. Among all these features, hero stage takes an important role since heroes can not only provide significant buff for your army and constructions, but also give you a huge advantage on Colosseum, which you can earn gem by the rankings. This guide was originally posted on Lords Mobile official forum by Gawaingod. This article has been reproduced, with some light editing.

There are 2 parts to heroic stages – Normal and Elite

Normal cost 6 stamina and is mainly for getting trophies to equip your hero and increasing their rank.

Elite stage cost 12 stamina and is mainly for getting medals to increase your heroes grade.

You can use Bravehearts to fully recover 120 stamina

Each grade increases the base stats of the hero.

Medals required to increase grade :
10 to common
20 to uncommon
50 to rare
100 to elite
150 to legendary

Importance of Boss Level

The bosses level will determine the hit rate of your heroes condition skills ( stun, freeze, -def, etc )


Notable enemies

Make sure kill them 1st as they can cause you to lose the match.

Turtle –  he goes into his shell, increases def and heals



Tanks – shoots you throughout the match from the back of the map

Healers – makes your life extremely difficult

Harpy – she makes one of your heroes turn against you

***Seriously AIM her as soon as possible***

Mini Child of Light – Thanks to Tinyhulk's Suggestion

Only on chapter 6-9 stage 3/3, mini versions of the boss – child of light will appear every 5 secs. They are mini versions but not exactly weak either. If you don't kill them fast enough, your team's damage will be spread out over the 8 children of lights and you will time will be up before you can kill them all.


As a general rule, just use 1 tank, 3 damage dealers, 1 healer. This will get you all the way from chapter 1-1 to chapter 7-3.

Before attempting any new stage follow the following points :

1) Check boss level.

2) Take note of the enemies page to see you should focus on.

3) Take note if it's a boss stage, this is important as you will need 3 crowns to sweep it in the future. If its a not a boss stage, you can lose a few heroes and as long as you win, it doesn't make a difference. If its a boss stage, once a hero dies, you can restart or leave the match.( you won't lose any stamina )

If you have trouble with a certain stage, employ the following troubleshoot tactics and see if it helps.

Side Note: Aim to get to a 3 crown chapter 7-3 (normal) as soon as possible as they drop 10min speedups for 6 stamina sweep.

Try 1 match and if you fail, try the following solutions.

Troubleshooting Techniques

Case 1 –  my demon hunter rushing into the group and died before my prima donna could cast her 1st heal.
Solution a – use a rose knight (protects him) or a sea squire (heals him)
Solution b – switch him to another damage dealer preferably ranged.

Case 2 – The bosses ultimate kill half my team
Solution a – try to save enough energy for the 3/3 stage and time your stuns properly so the boss will be Perma stunned.
Solution b – more damage dealers and aim the boss from the beginning
Solution c  – use heroes with rank 7 debuffs and buffs to make your team stronger ( black crow +atk or scarlet bolt -def for enemies )
Solution d (cash players) – use Big Guy, when the mp bar is full, use it on the opposite side of the boss making him face the wrong way.

Case 3 – The time runs out before I can beat the boss either due to lack of damage
Solution a – try different damage dealers
Solution b – try to use heroes with rank 7 debuffs and buffs to make your team stronger ( black crow +atk or scarlet bolt -def for enemies )
Solution c – wait for player to level up and increase the level, rank or grade of your damage dealers

Case 4 – The time runs out before I can beat the boss due to  high heals

Solution a – use heroes that have a stun and Perma stun the boss before he can cast the heals.
Solution b – try different damage dealers
Solution c – try to use heroes with rank 7 debuffs and buffs to make your team stronger ( black crow +atk or scarlet bolt -def for enemies )

Pro-tips :

1) Use ultimates on enemies with the relevant debuff. ( if they have the reduce phy def condition, using trackers ultimate will do insane damage)
On the flip side – if they have a increase phy def condition, DO NOT use the physical ultimate until it wears off.

2) Try to time your stuns when the previous stuns ends as they do not stack.

3) Rose Knight is the best f2p hero in the game. Once you unlock chapter 6-12 (elite) get her as soon as possible.

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