Lords Mobile: Recommended Purchases For New Players

In Lords Mobile, there are various offers you can purchase and have a head start in this game. If you are a free-to-play player, and you want to reach higher level/might more easily, why not spend a couple of dollars and buy those wonderful bundles?

These recommended bundles/chests contain many useful items such as Gems, Speed Up, Resources, etc, and you can check out more details in game. Please note this guide is specifically for those new players who have limited budget, and bundles could vary over time.

Best Purchases

Winning start: Big Guy hero can be purchased after you purchases the two packages of it. it's boost your construction speed from 1.5%(White) to 30%(Gold).

30-Day Supply Chest: you can give good amount of resources and speedups every day for 30 days

Heroic Adventure: this is contains 6 Bravehearts, so pretty good to help increase your hero medals and it's important for collesium fight and ranks. this rank important to get more gems.

Heroes: you can look the gold medal advantages and for this reason I recommend;
Big guy (for 30% Construction Boost)

Femme Fatale(One-time Offer) (for 25% Research Speed)

Pettite devil (for 25% Research Boost)


Lore Weaver (my experience all overlords use this hero for rank 1 at the collesium its really effective) but you can choose also the others.


Sweet Deal: $20 deal for 80K gems, tons of speed up and many points


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