Lords Mobile Special Event: She Who Gave Us Life!

Starting today, there's a new event on Lords Mobile that celebrates the Goddess Athena. She helps on daily basis and for the next couple of days, it's all about her. Make sure to take advantage of it, Dear Lords and Ladies out there 😉 

From the 4th till the 15th of May, start merging pacts non stop! We all know how helpful those familiars are, but they do cost a lot of resources especially those from pact 3 and 4. So merge pacts like there is no tomorrow (although do not forget to sleep !) 

Also for 2 days, rally darknest as much as possible, they are giving out gems, and for those out there that are still trying to get Academy 25 for example, it's a good opportunity to stock up on gems!

Last but not least for those that are not level 60 player, don't forget to take advantage 4x times guild coins especially when it comes to the EXP boost. So, if you have quite a few "Guild quests" scrolls save up and a 25% Exp boost (or the gear), open those scrolls up and get to the next level.


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