Trap Accounts


Most players will judge anothers strength by their might. It is the quickest way to get a rough idea of how tough your opponents is. Therefore we will try to minimise our might gain at every point during the construction of our a trap account. Let’s recap on how we can gain might and how to minimize it:-

Buildings – we only want useful buildings that benefit a trap account.Research – we only want research that benefits our trap account.Leader level – we need a maxed level leader.Troops – you want the minimum number of troops to take on a full T4 march.Quests – we need to avoid collecting quest rewards where possible.

Troops provide temporary might, which can easily be rectified by destroyong the excess you don’t need. Buildings provide semi-permanent, as some can be destroyed, whilst others can’t. Research, leader level and quests are permanent – you have no way to remove this might. This means if you have already gained a large amount of might from research and quests which will not benefit your trap, you may have to start over.


This guide assumes you are aiming for an end game trap account i.e. a level 25 Castle with tier 3 or 4 troops unlocked. With this in mind you need to be aware that until you have your tier 3/4 troops, you will need to build and upgrade at least 1 of every building. This is because of the prerequisites needed to upgrade your turf to 25. Once you reach this stage it’s time to look at restructuring.

Resource Buildings

The first step is to destroy every resource building you have and leave those tiles completely blank. Other than providing you with resources, your farms, stone quarries, lumber mills and mines will not contribute to your trap account’s strength, but they will increase your might. Once you are at level 25 you will gain most of your resources from farm accounts, gathering an your Cargo Ship.


You may need two or three barracks whilst you are building your army, but once you have the bulk of your troops trained you should go down to a single barracks. Being able to train more troops in a queue does not benefit a finished trap account.


Again, once you have finished your army manors provide very little benefit to a Lords Mobile Trap account. You should destroy all of your manors.


You want to fill the rest of your tiles with Infirmaries, there should be 16 free tiles in total. Infirmaries are key to a trap account in order to protect your own troops from being killed.
16 Infirmaries will provide you with 640,000 beds. Whilst your trap account will probably have more troops than this, the main aim is to survive a single full T4 march on your turf.
640,000 beds should be enough to avoid any death on that first attack, leaving you ready to put up a shield until you have time to heal your troops.

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