Trap Accounts

Trap Account Hero Skills

The most important stats for a trap account are army defense and army max health.  As our final build is going to have a mix of all troop types, we want boosts that will benefit all troop types. Out of the two health is slightly better than defense, but luckily we can max all defense and health skills by the time you get a level 46 Leader.

Total skill points spent: 171.(@!!@)(@!!@)Squad Health I and Squad Defense I provides a 15% boost to each stat. Squad Health II and Squad Defense II provides a further 85% boost to each stat. This means once both skills are maxed you will have 100% increase to all your troops health and defense.(@!!@)(@!!@)

Level 47 to 60

I would suggest sinking the rest of your points into one troop offensive stat. Go straight for the level III, then II, then I and max out as far as you can with your remaining points.

Trap Account Leader Equipment

For leader equipment you want to focus on the same two stats, with army max health given more priority over army defense.  Below I have selected the top equipment currently in game as of 6 December 2016, with the goal of trying to maximise troop health and total defense.

The majority of the equipment is for a level 60 leader. If your leader is not level 60 yet, you can search for equipment by stat and level in game.

The above will give you a 252% boost to Army Max Health.

The above will give you a 229.5% boost to Troop Defense.


That’s it for the part 1 of my Lords Mobile trap account guide.  This will give you around 250% boost to army max health and around 230% boost to army defense, just from your leader alone.

Turf Quests

You have probably noticed by now that turf quests reward you with might and experience. On the other hand Admin, Guild and VIP quests do not reward might, but do reward you with xp – this is very important for your trap account.

Remember you want the lowest possible might for your trap account, to lure players into thinking you are weaker than you actually are. This means the ultimate trap account will not complete a single turf quest – they will level soley on Admin, Guild and VIP quests.

In reality this will take a very long time to get to level 60. You will probably need to complete some turf quests to get you there, but once you get to level 60 you should immediatly stop completing any turf quests.

Trap Account Research

If you thought quest experience was bad, it’s nothing compared to research.  In Lords Mobile research is the one source of might that can truly destroy a trap account, forcing you to start over if you get it wrong.

We want to research the bare minimum to keep our might down as low as possible.

The following is a list of what you will need for a trap account:-

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