[Video Guide] Wall Trapping Setup

Ever wondered how people create what is known as a wall trap? This is essentially everything you'll ever need to know on the subject. What is more – is what do people even need to know about wall trapping? I would love to point out that as useless as everyone claims that wall trapping actually even is, it is how you're doing it that actually makes the difference. 

My personal preference with wall trapping is actually to use it as a secondary layer of protection when you're in situations of sending several attacks having a very minimal amount of troops in the castle. The reason you'll find this useful is so now if you end up actually getting hit – there is a very good chance that if you do what I suggest in the video – the first few attacks will actually bounce rather than do any damage and steal the precious resources you've put so much effort to obtain. I hope this video is helpful for some of you out there who are trying out this new strategy for Lords Mobile!

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