[Video Guide] What heroes to send on any monster?

 I've found this is a frequently asked question across the community. What exactly do I send for this monster or this monster and why. The reason is actually quite simple – you must take a look at the information for the monster before you go after it! If you want to actually get to a point where the damage is significant there are many factors that you have to consider as the monster's level continues to get ever higher – which is how much damage are you outputing and for how long? 

In my experience if you're wanting to hit level 5 monsters effectively it is important that you're aware of what the heroes are even doing and often times using a healer won't cut it. The overall strategy for hitting monsters in my experience is start off with what you know should be in counter to the monster in question and then experiment that on the level 1 monsters. If you aren't killing them straight away – take the time to actually watch and see what is going on. 

Does your team die too quick? Are they not doing enough damage? These are usually the two take aways you'll get when you're actually trying to get monsters down sufficiently enough that you're able to rinse and repeat. If you want an easy answer to this – just know that hitting monsters acts as a multiplier. The more you hit them the higher the damage is going to get. If you want to improve the damage per hit you'll need to actually take into consideration of the level of the hero as well as its tier. If it doesn't match up even still you've found the answer – that hero isn't sufficient. My recommendation is it helps to take the time to actually look at the attributes tab of your heroes too – and a lot more is explained in the video. Needless to say though, I hope this subject is helpful to you and encourages you to learn more about how to monster hunt more effectively!

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