Lords Mobile: Best Cavalry Equipment

In Lords Mobile, the leader's equipment set gives a huge boost to the stats of the player and can easily turn the tide of battle. The game features three major statistics for war – attack bonus, HP bonus and defense bonus. It is important to remember the best stat to have on an equipment is attack, followed by HP and then defense.
If you're planning on forging a purely cavalry-based equipment set, this guide will help you out greatly. The best (free-to-play) Cavalry Equipment set consists of Horn Cudgel, Dragon's  Fist, Gargantuan Belt, Fear Drums, Firewall Plate and Bumblebee Helm. Each of these items has a huge cavalry attack bonus. When combined with a full equipment set, these items together have the highest cavalry attack bonus in the game for a non-paid equipment set.

Main Hand : Horn Cudgel


Off Hand : Dragon's Fist


 Helmet : BumbleHelm


Armour : Firewall Plate


 Legs : Gargantuan Belt


Accesorries : Fear Drums (3)


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