Lords Mobile Family♡

Today I will talk about my online Family

I have a family that I never see before but was love on first sight and I can say that I love each member in my guild.

I started play LM when my real life was going through some strange and sad situations, and there day by day I was making new friends, friends that I never will forget. I’ve been in the same guilda since my day 1 in the game and now 102 days later I can tell that they are my family too, we talk about the game, strategies and everything else it’s so good have friends.

“Ah, but out of the game do not you have friends?” No! lol




I move to a new country with my daughters and here we are starting over, it was all very complicated and sad on the beginning but now I can say that I’m feeling good, I have meet people from all over the world in which not be possible without LM helps ^_^.

Today I’m very grateful to my guild and to all the people that I have never seen before, but shows that’s really care about me. We fight together day after day to grow up as players and team, even when we got burned several times by castles with millions of might after every battle we rebuild and heal as family♡


Screenshot_20180813-022047_Parallel Space Lite.jpg


I never thought that a game could bring to me so many emotions and sensations… I will never forget all adrenaline that I felt on my first attack, my first KvK how I get mad when I get zeroed and have my hero executed hahahaha, or when we rally the enemy making him lose 6-7M might on first hit is just awesome!!! But something that I never will forget is my first 1M kills lol was so exciting and with so much adrenaline is impossible forget!




So guys, tell me how is the interaction with your guild and when you have the best sensation and experience playing the game, I wil love to know about ^_^


See you all on next post



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